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Brisbane – Travel Red – Travel Free !

The colour red is so very wonderful!

We love going into our beautiful city – the botanical gardens, Roma Street, South Bank – so very beautiful right in the middle of a city! And the best way to go see them is red!

So my daughter and I, who is 4 and will in January start in Prep, love to go out for the whole day – just me and her – we call it a girlie day! We decided we’d go into the city but not driving, well we had to drive to the station but that was all the driving required! She decided that she’d like to go to the Botanical Gardens in the city and then over to South Bank.

So we caught the train down to Central and then walked across the road, down through the Anzac Square and turned right onto Adelaide Street. Right there is the Red bus stop. We wait for the bus, and pass the time by looking in the coin collectors shop which just looks like a treasure place in itself! The bus arrived and we caught it right around to the Botanical Gardens. We played for ages in the lovely sensory park there which is about 3 years old now! She loves the roller slide the best – it’s quite hilarious to watch her trying to run up THAT slide! We dug in the sand with the diggers, and sat and ate our picnic. We could have easily spent all day there but because she wanted to go to South Bank we walked round to Eagle Street pier, caught the boat, and splashed in the water in South Bank for a while (good thinking on the towel and the set of dry clothes!) which I have to admit washed the sand away! Having caught the boat back we went for ice cream at Bistro 41 on Edward Street and then caught the bus back to Central. I have to admit it was a lovely day out and I will remember it for a very long time 🙂

Brisbane City Hopper

Brisbane City Hopper

Let me tell you which may explain our girlie day delight in the simple transport options – my daughter hates driving – she has to go in the car to most places, so this is truly a treat. I remember when I was at school we caught the bus to school every day and it was a treat to be driven, but for many of us our children live in a different time to our childhood. She loves nothing more than going on the bus – and sitting at the back is the BEST!!! And boats – well what’s not to love??!!!

The red bus which loops around the city is FREE!!! What a great council we have 🙂 It’s really easy to get the main point around the city by bus, and the kids think it’s not just a treat to go on the bus but they love the fact that it’s free! Take a look at https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/traffic-transport/public-transport/buses/city-centre-free-loops

But that only gets you so far… to get over to South Bank the bus won’t do the deal you need to get across the river. Don’t pay for the City Cat, go for free – yet again! The City Hopper – and you’ve guessed it – you can spot it a mile off because it’s red! – will take you all the way from Sydney Street to North Quay! It might not be quite as quick as the City Cat but really what’s the rush? Half the fun is the journey surely as these different ways to travel make the journey 10 times more fun than going in the car AGAIN! If you want the information it’s right here https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/traffic-transport/public-transport/citycat-ferry-services/cityhopper

I’m sorry to report there’s no red train!

So go, hang out in our beautiful city and enjoy a free day out (especially if you take your bag loaded with goodies!!!)


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