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Bribie Island

Bribie Island is just around an hour north of Brisbane.  It is really easy to get to and has plenty to offer.  You don’t need a 4×4 to enjoy the main beaches and surroundings, but if you want to go for a true explore, then you will need one.

It was a late Autumn morning when we recently had the opportunity to make it up to Bribie Island for the morning to do a little driving on the beach!  Being the middle of the week it was quiet and we just wanted a few hours of peace where we could gather our thoughts.  You do need a permit to drive on the beach so do make sure you have purchased one in advance.  Bribie only offers weekly and yearly passes though – you can get them from here

We drove up to Woorim and then followed the road around and along a short distance until we reached the pull in for the access to the beach.  Having not driven this portion of the beach before, we stopped for a while, dropped our tire pressure to around 18 and had a survey of the road ahead.

Unlike a number of beach accesses, there is a winding road that runs parallel to the beach first.  This is about 2km long and can be rather pitted, but the underlaying sand was pretty solid and make for an easy, but slightly bumpy drive.  The entrance on to the beach is pretty short and as normal a good bit of steady speed is needed.

We had planned the trip for low tide, so there was plenty of sand to drive on and the going was easy.  The great thing about this beach is that you can drive almost all the way up to Caloundra (about 30 – 40 minutes) and all there is, is bush and see.  Our spot for the morning was just 20 minutes along the beach.  Don’t forget to back up to the sand dunes, both to make it easier to pull away and for your tracks to lead down towards the sea, making it easier for turtles to get back to the water.

I am slowly getting used to flying the DJI Phantom 3 drone that I own and grabbed a few minutes of footage to show you what this beautiful place looks like.


If you are just after some peace and quiet a mid week to Bribie is just the thing.  Just you, the sand, beautiful skies and the inviting ocean to while away the hours.  During peak season and weekends this place gets very busy, so just be prepared.  If the tide is in there is no match gap between the sea and the sand dunes and there is quite a lot of traffic, so keep a watchful eye on your children if you choose to go.

Getting off the beach at the end of our morning, was the same as many.  Take a few minutes to figure out the best route and speed you will need to make the uphill climb easy.  I often watch a few other people first, just to get the idea.  Make sure you can get a good run up, keep a constant speed and you will be fine.

A really pleasant morning to enjoy the amazing area we live in.


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