Hi and welcome!

My family and I moved to South East Queensland in 2014 from the UK, on what was and still is a journey of a lifetime..  We love exploring and finding new places to visit and things to see.

Having two small children of 8 & 4, we often find ourselves at the beach or in the parks, but as the months go by, we find new places to explore and things to do.  We now own a couple of Kayaks and a 4×4 so that opens up a whole new set of opportunities right there!

I created this site to track some of our favorite places, not just links to sites that recommend them, but what they were actually like to visit.   I guess in some ways it is a personal blog of our journey around this area.  Although we travel to other parts of Australia, the content here, is about the area we live in.

We, as a family feel so privileged to live in this area of the World and the benefit of the business that I run – https://www.thetechgeeks.com  is that it can be managed and operated from almost anywhere, so as we travel it comes with us.

Bring on the school holidays is what we say !

Paul Sillars