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Brisbane – Lego Centre – South Bank

So did you know that there’s a Lego Centre at South Bank??? I have this conversation with soooo many people! Set back just 2 blocks from the beautiful South Bank Parklands is the Lego Centre. It’s not huge but it is BRILLIANT!!! So my son had his 8th birthday getting closer at the speed of light and we had my inlaws with us who we were having great fun with showing them around beautiful Brisbane so I had NO TIME to plan a birthday party! What to do? What to do? And then he said those words “Mum I want a lego party” – my heart sank! How on earth with no time and more to do than normal could I plan him a lego party?! I love doing my kids birthday parties I love doing the planning but how do you get enough lego to do your own? Even going into Big W’s party store to get lego based party items – nothing!!!! The best suggestion from there was yellow tablecloth with yellow plates attached to it!

Then I remembered we’d parked in SW1 (that really super cheap car parking place from Secure a spot we use when we go to South Bank) and when we walked along Merivale Street there was this lego shop. So I thought I’d do a little google and up it came! This wasn’t just a store – this had holiday programmes, this did school visits, as well as selling lego!!! Handily my son’s birthday is in the summer holidays so there were programmes a plenty to choose from and although you could buy a proper birthday party trip, I simply booked 6 slots for his 5 best mates on the holiday programme – far cheaper 🙂 So for 1 whole hour his friends got to do robotics lego programming – can I say he had a mix of boys and girls and they all LOVED IT! One of his friends came out after and said that was the best birthday party EVER! Of course to finish the afternoon off we went to south banks’ new beautiful play ground and had a picnic and cake. It was simple, it was easy, I only had to book, it didn’t cost a fortune, I only had to do a picnic and it was great fun!

So whether your school wants a visit from these guys, a special trip on a Sunday, if you want something really great to do on the school holidays or whether you want to book a birthday party you can guarantee the kids will love it and it doesn’t cost a heap! They have different programmes for different ages starting from age 4 who do more building, but once you get to the higher ages – you get to do robotics – programming – oh so very much fun!!! The guys who run it are really good with the kids and we can’t wait to go back!

I’ve kept you hanging – here’s the info http://www.mooreed.com.au/LearningCentrePrograms.aspx or you can just google Lego Centre South Bank!

Here’s to the fun building!!!!!


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