Surfers Paradise

By our.bit

Hey, what can I say more about our corner of Queensland!

A couple of weeks ago the perfect opportunity arose for us to pop over to the Gold Coast. We had visitors with us and there was nothing better than to take them to the iconic Surfers Paradise.  We were staying up on Mount Tamborine for the week and could see the coast line from our accommodation.  Even though the sea was a long way away, it has a habit of calling our family to visit it over and over!

Q1 Looking SouthIt was a barmy late summers day with temperatures in the mid 30’s and the water around 27 degrees. There was no excuse and what better way to keep cool and experience some gentle sea breezes.

The morning was spent hanging around the beach, catching some waves on our body boards and just relaxing in the summer sun.  The rip was a little strong to go to far out, but it was enough to get cool, play jumping over the surf with the kids and just enjoy this amazing place we live in.  We had recently bought a CoolCabanas and wanted to try it out along with our normal beach tent, which also proved a great success!

Can you improve on the endless beaches, space for everyone and plenty of cafes?  Well, there is one way – a visit to the 77th floor of the Q1 building, which is Australia’s tallest residential building. Not only do you get outstanding views, but you can enjoy a great meal at the same time. Obviously it really depends on what you love, but being able to see endless beaches and great mountain views while you eat ticks the boxes for me.  It costs about $60 for a family of 4, but worth it (better than going up the Sydney Eye in my opinion !)

The afternoon was spent looking in a few shops along the sea front and then back to where we were staying that week.

We will return to Q1 again and again, I am sure of it.


Rainbow Beach

By our.bit

You will have already figured out that my family love the water, we can’t get enough of it, boarding, kayaking, swimming, if we can get to it, we want to be in it or on it!

One of our favorite places to go is Rainbow Beach – now we live on the North side of Brisbane and with an 8 and 4 year old the journey can be filled with a number of toilet stops or emergency pullovers with a sick bag ensuing !

We have now perfected a half way point for this 3 hour drive – The Ginger Factory.  Entrance is free, there is a cafe and toilets and a few little shops to look around.  What more can you want from a perfect motorway turn off and it is only literally 3 minutes off the Bruce.

Once up to Gympie and on to the Tin Can Bay road, you are quickly swept away on to rolling rolls lined by trees.  On our first journey to Rainbow Beach, we weren’t convinced we would end up at the sea as all we seemed to be going through was bush and often up and down hill.  The last 5 minutes of your journey will suddenly bring you down in to Rainbow Beach and up to the sea front, although to get down the beach you need to descend either the pathways or the steps.

There is something beautiful, peaceful and intimate about Rainbow Beach.  It is not Noosa or Noosaville.  It is cosy, comfy, but has a range of cafe’s and restaurants to suit.

So why do we like Rainbow Beach?  This place just seems to resonate with us as a family.  We are drawn to peace, but also exploration and you get both.  Wide expanses of open beach that even on busy days doesn’t seem to be swamped by people.   Great views and adventuring up to Fraser Island or take your 4×4 on to the beach and drive the few kilometers around to Double Island Point.  We also use it as a base to travel up to Tin Can Bay to feed the Dolphins.

This is a place we have found works in the Summer and Winter, grab a deal, stay somewhere with a heated pool and enjoy the views and experience all year round.  Our favorite places are the Plantation Resort at Rainbow for our stay and enjoying a lovely meal looking out over this incredible region at the Waterview Bistro